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Minati Pradhan

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Minati Pradhan

Abstract Others



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The Sun rises in golden silence spreading its radiant hues

Of red, yellow, purple and orange.

Drawing a sketch of life in canvas sky.

Recharging the trees, birds and human minds thy.

Leaving the dark night of disappointment behind.

Uncertainty of blinking stars has vanished.

The Moon has bid goodbye along with worries.

Removed last night’s blanket of sorrows.

Arms wide open to embrace a new day.

Gently kissing sunlight in the horizon led the way.

After every long night comes a sunrise.

To live life to the fullest, every moment to realise.

Each day brings sunrise and sunset.

It’s the eye that sees the darkness or light.

The mountains, rivers shine in the Sun’s glow.

When one faces the light, one sees no shadow.

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