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Dr. Prafulla K. Panda

Abstract Drama


Dr. Prafulla K. Panda

Abstract Drama



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As the cruel winter

Has grown old and decrepit

And behind distant hills does hiss

You have quietly rushed in

To eke out your place

Like an emerging leader

To enthuse the organism to carry on

Like Santa Claus-

You have brought

New hopes on your back

To this desolate earth

To germinate to new life

After much difficulty and strife

Your warm breeze

Has instilled youth and vigour

Among creepers and trees

That have dressed on new greens

Shooing away dry leaves

From hamlet to the far-flung hills

Your affection and care

Has brought enough ecstasy and cheer

To fauna and the human being

For they hop and sing

And gather round the lilting spring

The crazy koel koo-ooos to woo

The wild jasmine

While her wild scents sipping in

Flies to hide herself amid bushy green

And the jolly magnobird

Boastfully comes in

From her lazy hiding

To smarten up her quill

When her heart does spill

It hops into her nest

With an abreast of

Hope for her progeny

And the bees

Busy in filling their empty hives

As they swarm around

The flowers of mango trees

Like a newly wed bride

The crimson sun does wink and shy

In the western foggy sky

Seeing the blossoms of Palash

That redden and into that horizon flash

The palanquin-bearers cheer and extol

When Lord Krishna

With devotees swing and stroll

And gleefully pass

Towards the Holi mass

And the crazy lover

Decks her fringes with wild flower

When the cupid does inflict a wound

She ties her arms around

And clings to his chest 

To smell the manly vigour

And does rest

After he frantically steps in

To plant wild kisses many

In and around her cheek and chin

Like the smiling morning sun

Into my life you have come

Dispelling the frost from my life

And like an able fitter

You have mended my broken comfort

Between the fall and the gruesome summer spell

Making me rise and swell

And like a child I do merrily pick

From the ground

The words like tiny balls

That roll and dwell around

To sing to my kith and kin

While stringing a garland

Of champak, oleander and jasmine

To garland my bountiful mother

Who made me grow and stand

I do drift away and go

To barter away my lover's

Transient beauty and charm

And escape from her fitful silence

To worship Her eternal beauty

And lie in Her lap for solace

And perpetual comfort.


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