Sounds Of Ordeal

Sounds Of Ordeal

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The silence speaks to me,

Caged in remorse they sing me 

Songs and the melodies

Of agony.

Must be the monster,

Behind the closet. 

The love, his rage,

Doesn't make any sense to me.

A Pathetic proposal to pity, 

The Alchemy.



The doctor calls me atrocious.

Tied my hands, mouth strapped,

Morphine running through my blood.

"This won't hurt, breath out loud."

He taps his feet to my sound.

Psychedelic forces they,

Turn me into a battleground.

Come the time to be fair,

They end up in the land of lies.

Fate resumes it's final act,

I'd love to hear the devil cry.

Hush now! What's that sound?

Foot steps like the sound of drums.

Try to hide, try to run,

But the faceless shadows follow us.

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