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Manaswini Dash



Manaswini Dash




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My mother ...

An innocent soul who searched a smile

Numerous struggles I have witnessed

In my naive eyes for that rare treasure

So many bitter experiences shattered

My inner desire to bloom

That grace with fragrance on her lips

Each moment I have endured

That untold misery and hardship

My eyes were clad with tears

Amidst the financial stringency

I had exhausted my efforts to win

A victory over her mounted lamentation

And trigger the impulse to smile

But I had to confront with the mingled hope

But Almighty never betrays

Owing to his grace I am successful today

I can assuage my pain witnessing

Her sweet smile on her rosy lips

She never tried to cry before me

But I could realize through introspection

And assess her strength to imbibe the pain

That scenario acted as a booster

To gear up my dream towards success

Ultimately I could be able to wipe off

Her sorrowful tears with my success

And always entertain her dexterous smile

To curtail the pain of complex society

My mother's smile embraces the bounty of

A pleasure to give me enduring bliss.

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