Silent Cry

Silent Cry

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Words unsaid, or debts unpaid,

Silent onslaught, of thoughts distraught.

Cringing and cowering, seething disdain,

Weeping within, suppressing the pain.

Looking aside, trying to hide,

The ocher, deepening on my white.

Wondered what his reason had been,

Seems funny, I couldn't find any.

Was he aware of his deed sordid,

Had I cried, would he have paid heed.

Steeped in dismay, am left mourning alone,

Losing identity , can it be ever undone.

Chewing on the betel, he saunters away,

This vile stain, will it fade any which day.

Does he even know the loss I feel,

Can't stand tall, as I find my head reel.

Vile in his deed, yet he walks tall,

I remain the stained - once virgin wall.

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