She Had Heaven In Her Eyes!

She Had Heaven In Her Eyes!

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She had heaven in her eyes,

The little fingers and toes adored the beauty of a new life,

She was a gift from heaven resting upon her mother's lap,

But who knew that her innocent bright world will be engulfed by darkness?

That day, she was all alone, snoozing on her cradle,

Her eyes saw the dark time ahead, 

She was slammed on the bed, she cried on pain but the sweaty hand over her mouth left her numb,

She was so little, she wished, she could scream but the dark was conquering her,

Her watery eyes pleaded of the pain, the blood on the sheet was the proof,

But the darkness took her breath away and left her breathless forever on the cradle,

She had heaven in her eyes,

But who knew the dark would leave pain that ended her life in just one year.

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