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Laxsha Natraj

Drama Inspirational

She Flew High

She Flew High

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Longingly, her wet drenched eyes gazed 

The silky white cloud’s floating in the sky 

Crouched in the darkest corner of her house 

Numb she sat, chained with heavy shackles

Since the very first day of her marriage 

Imprisoned was she this way once for all 

Never allowed to see a friend or relative 

Alone she weathered every day, bit by bit. 

Only because of the love for her children 

Tied to this eternal slavery she suffered

A million abuses, physical, mental tortures 

Silently, half-dead, she swallowed her tears. 

Her sleeping wings suddenly fluttered one day 

Breaking all the rusted shackles, she rose high 

Half naked was she, still, she ran into the open road 

Little bothered, about the heartless world around. 

Weakened was she by the harsh tentacle’s weight 

Still wobbling, stumbling, crawling she lumbered 

Impossible was it for her to climb the heights 

Still, grid determination for her freedom she moved 

Finally reaching the peak she stopped, stood and turned 

Oh! What a wonderful sight it was, that met her eyes 

Hundreds of women were climbing the path just behind her 

She a leader, had shown the path for all the chained ones. 

(This poem is dedicated to Ms. Flavia Gloria, the greatest women who came out of her domestic violence, became a lawyer and helped hundreds of women to come out of the slavery of domestic violence)

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