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Nidhi Mishra



Nidhi Mishra


Satiate! Are You?Awe Fillers!

Satiate! Are You?Awe Fillers!

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Emotions run deeper and words are few,

When I think of our empathetic connection,

And that very first time, when I met you.

You came into my life, like a gust of fresh breeze,

And rejuvenated me with lingering fragrance of your love,

This happened actually in my life when I was freezed.

Ever since I have met you and lost in your eyes,

There's a magical touch in every thing you do and say,

That draws me closer to you each and everyday.

Your loving little gestures and enthralling ways,

Makes me drift into a beautiful dreamland,which

Conveys to me much more than mere words can say.

There are times when you are away from me,

And when to be near you, all I have to close my eyes,

And no matter where I am, I can feel you around me

You are the one I want to be near to,

And share the special moments together,

Yes! You've brought me unbounded pleasures.

Coz for each other we are Fillers!

Your love has taught me to recognise lil things and appreciate,

And mere your presence in my thoughts makes my world


Yeah ! Satiate !

I am !

Awe! Fillers keeps me motivated to radiate with smile,

Even when I feel lost for a while,

Fillers always bring back that smile!!

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