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Rain... When I Met Her

Rain... When I Met Her

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A love story, of a different kind. A love story between me and the Rain. And how every time we meet, it’s like an inspirational beginning, a new meeting.

What is it? ......

Is it the way you look?

The way you smell?

Casting me down

With an inexplicable spell


You meet with the lakes

You befriend the skies

Trotting and twinkling

Dreams in those eyes


What is it? ......

Your glistening body?

Is it your smile?

Your cool raving self

Sends shivers down my spine


Don't know your hometown

Only your name

Your mother is nature

O Mademoiselle 'Rain'


What is it? ......

Your feel, your sentiment?

The way you converse?

Your camouflaged contentment?


Enigma before you come

Colors after you go

Charm during your stay

How do I know?


Every time we meet

Amidst those clouds

Feel so resurrected

You're my talent scout


What is it? ......

I may never know

Perplexed yet placid

And I love you so.


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