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Differently Similar

Differently Similar

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For all of us, as beings of, and in, existence, are nothing but differently similar. 

Whether us mankind, the vivid variety of nature, those millions of drops in an ocean, or any other dimension of realism, more or less profound, more or less pronounced - there is a beautiful spread of contrasting similarities that mirror a singular core. One of innate kindness, a need or want of understanding, and more often than not, love.

And that very intrigue, is reason enough for a boundless bond to be, the be all. Concur, exist, and weave into, an ornamental delight of freedom of living, and loving. Messaging, and making us all, yes, differently similar.

Differently similar. Those endearing pair of eyes, in seeming sync, that look.

Differently similar. As though, the alongside chapters, all completing a book.

Differently similar. The red dirt fragments, inseparable, that carve a road.

Differently similar. Silences and desires, those hidden, and those that showed.

Differently similar. The bringing dawn, the receiving dusk, and the span in between.

Differently similar. Portrayals a many, the drafted smiles, in a crafted sheen.

Differently similar. The petals of a certain daffodil, that spring, on a summer noon.

Differently similar. As though the night, brought later that night, to meet by the moon.

Differently similar. The palette, those shades, the who's hue of so many kinds.

Differently similar. Those seasons, those reasons, and one too many lonely nights.

Differently similar. Distances in miles, or that between, the mind and the heart.

Differently similar. As though, the rich in the poor, the poor in the smart.

Differently similar. The chase in the city, or, the survival in the wood.

Differently similar. The craving cave, of, the more or less understood.

Differently similar. Realms of emotions like water, that give, more than receive.

Differently similar. Weather withering windows, that are alike wind, to perceive.

Differently similar. The fragrance amidst raindrops, or the warmth in snow, after fall.

Differently similar. As though a medley in harmony, or perhaps the chords, of an unsung call.

Differently similar. Those innocent cries of want, that shelter move on, to no more than a phrase.

Differently similar. The acceptance of love, the million smiles, and its illuminating grace.

Differently similar, are all these things, are all the people here, are you and me. For what is not similar, in all our differences, in what we are, and what we can be.

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