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Politics And Poetry

Politics And Poetry

2 mins 13.9K 2 mins 13.9K

I am a political poet,

these are my two sides both are neck to neck this evening.

while juxtaposing these two I felt that, I am in dilemma


Poetry is about finding the deepest stone inside you ,

and politics is about never revealing what is inside you.


Politics is about poor people and extreme poverty,

poetry is about frustrated minds and helpless souls.


Politics is about criminal and conviction,

poetry is about sins and sinners.


Poetry  is about the hunger and politics is just about hunger strikes.


Politics is about fiscal deficit,

poetry is about empty stomachs.


Politics is about religions and communities,

poetry is about humans.


Politics is about 'how smartly you act',

poetry is about 'how politely you behave'


Poetry asks you 'can you love all creature?',

politics asks you 'can you persuade people?'.


Poetry is vast and endless ,

politics is restricted to 7 continents.


Politics is about being a gentleman,

poetry is about being a peaceful soul.


Politics is about the divided countries,

poetry is about the unites souls.


Politics is about clapping for people,

poetry is about celebrating minds.

Politics is about being in suits and poetry is about about dancing with burnt hands 

Politics is about making parks ,roads and gardens,

poetry is about nourishing a plant.


Politics require mics and mouths to persuade,

poetry require just gestures from heart in order to persuade.


I end up with saying,

be in politics, serve as a poet.

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