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The Writer

Drama Romance


The Writer

Drama Romance

Origin of love !

Origin of love !

2 mins

A sudden storm hit my hut . 

Where I stored and stayed with love

 Didn’t damage my life but just killed.

 It came like a dapper devil and devastated my love

Golden days I had in my nut .

But everything swept in one cut .

I was dreaming to build a castle But ended only in hearing rustle

Calm after the storm is a rumour 

Because this storm moulded me as a roamer.

Searching the pieces of my hut 

My eyes had a sprint to go for 

 Missing the pieces of my nut 

My heart need a splint to go for. 

Memories melted mercilessly 

Where I floated in it wordlessly

Love that I stored escaped silently 

Life that I lived reshaped evidently 

In the pot of pain my love lived 

Tea of tears added flavour to it 

I hold it with fingers of faith 

Not to transfer the heat to me 

My love stared to vaporize violently 

After keeping it down I noticed it spilling silently

I lifted it again to wash my blanket 

My love smiled at me and said hold me always, don’t go away ! 

I stored my love in my diary 

Being a fully filled one I kept in the shelf 

It pushed others and fell down by itself

I lifted it again to locate it safely in the shelf 

I got my fingers went in between its pages 

Tried to pull it away from its edges

I opened the page where I saw my love 

It stated like “ Even if I'm over don’t leave me hold on please !” 

In the candle of care I stored my love 

Though Located inside the darkness it didn’t frighten 

When my hut encounters darkness 

My love empowers me with brightness 

To avoid melting ..I held its flame inside my palm 

Putting off its flame its smoke, comforts my palm ..

In the fragrance of fondness I stored my love ..

The blossom, with its blooming nature glowed my morning ..

Though autumn blows away its buddies ,

 It waits for me till I become dead muddy 

Mom suggested not to pluck flowers 

Love requested “pluck me, compulsions r not laws”

Store me in a cooler I’ll be fresh

Says science..

Hold me as a ruler I’ll be your crush ..says my alliance 

Though swept savagely my love lives with me 

Because this time I stored it in my heart.

Though blown brutally My love exist with me 

Because My love is bestowed in my art 

Love hates origin ..

Love weights mortal sin ..

Love plays patiently 

And Love pays personally ..

Love LIVES WHERE love LOVES to be! 

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