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Richa Srivastava



Richa Srivastava


Ode To Mother

Ode To Mother

2 mins 824 2 mins 824

I still remember vividly your smiling face

Where even your sweat soaked face was epitome of grace

And your sparkling eyes even after tiring hours

Fulfilled with happiness of carrying me in your arms.

You were like angel of my world with no wings

With whom I wanted to spend entire nights and evenings

But yours one hand over my head poured me to deep sleep

As you were some enchantress for this little peep.

Though I was a toddler that time

But sensed all your on-going emotions for a life-time

I was your only hope and bundle of joy

Whom you were nurturing as a warrior not a coy.

I saw you many times in immense emotional trauma

Where my smile acts like a long lasting comma

But as soon I slept after your magical hug

I know your tears were drenching your shabby shrug.

Every morning your smile was as fresh like dew

Because each day counts a new beginning for you

With hopes all high and full of optimism

You were my pillar who was challenging sexism.

You are my inspiration and the best human-being mumma

As you never gave shit to the societal melodrama

You proved to be an exemplary of sacrifices

And always shielded me at time of any crisis.

You made me a responsible person full of emotions

And whatever I am today is the result of your devotion

I know most of the times, I act funny and immature

Because I know these silly things made you love me more.

But let me assure you endearing mother

I'm your hard-core admirer and lover

Don't get worry with my stupid-silly acts

Because your smile is my prize for these tacts.

I'm promising to follow all your guidance

Shall bring you all honors and praises

Sometimes in life, I will be low and de-motivated

But will never quit as I'm your phoenix rising again and again from the ashes.

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