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Rohini Jha

Inspirational Drama


Rohini Jha

Inspirational Drama

No Smoking

No Smoking

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I wonder how amusing it is 

People tend to ignore the thesis

That 2-minute video at the start

Somehow never hits the dart

The video that you tend to ignore

Had intention of adding a lesson more

So, let me tell you a quick story

Where a life ended just being sorry

Somehow darkness became his constant companion,

Depression and loneliness had a strong union

He was a prisoner in his own mind

It was little left of life that he could wind

Wondering what went wrong after all 

That his life had such a tragic fall

Long gone were the days where he laughed wholeheartedly

Nicotine made his life quite silly

He wished his life to be brighter

Wished if he could only throw that lighter

Oh didn’t he read the warning? 

While the selfish minded increased their earning

“Smoking is injurious to health”

It did cause him an untimely death

So buckle up for some facts 

For I'll be shooting some stats

You may find me annoying

But dear that’s just me trying 

Every cigar takes away 11 minutes 

While you are still busy at estaminet

Do you want to see your family suffer,

Give them your lesser years and be a bluffer?

So take care of your health

For it is your greatest wealth

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