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Shukr Usgaokar



Shukr Usgaokar




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Social distancing may have forced us to be alone. But we need not be lonely.

The chirping of birds early in the morning,

Sitting in the trees somewhere far away.

Calling out to me like dear old friends.

Heralding the onset of another beautiful day.

The cool wind blows across my face,

Caressing the flowers and the trees.

As I watch entranced this beautiful dance,

I start to forget all my worries.

Underneath the moonlight the waves soldier on,

As they have been doing for thousands of years.

Dashing and lashing the sandy shore.

A sight to behold. Music for the ears.

In this battle of the land and sea,

Lies a lesson for one and all.

The waves go on. They never give up.

Never failing to rise each time they fall.

As I sit by myself and recall fondly,

These sights and sounds in my mind.

Growing more beautiful by the day,

Nature is God’s gift to mankind.

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