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My Spirit

My Spirit

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From my body,

The thirst of your lust is quenched.

Get me out of my house,

You take advantage of my helplessness.

It's all I can bear,

But you don't discredit my soul,

Let me not name you.

I can't tolerate this.

I also had some helplessness,

I was unemployed.

The last path was open here,

And how many stumbling does not know?

What to do?

There was some compulsion,

Brother-Sister's stomach was empty,

Had to deal with it, so went there.

Look at the helplessness of the house,

And find money here.

I began to be called a prostitute.

The helplessness of the helplessness,

Showing my own body,

Because the children were hungry.

To destroy their hunger,

It began to deal with my body.

I also had some desires which had switched to the heart,

I saw those dreams of my childhood with the eyes of my heart.

At that time I was aware that poverty would become my helplessness,

In order to deal with my body,

It will be appreciated here.

I don't know how many wolves come in the day,

My body is quenched by his body,

He rains on my body again and again.

I don't know how many times I am riddled with his hunger?

I have to do it.

Because my house was somewhat helpless.

I was eldest in my family,

The shadow of my parents went away in childhood.

The younger brother-sister's stomach went away from hunger.

Something was necessary to fill their stomach,

But no good work came to me,

I had a compulsion,

To deal with my body.

I had a desire,

My dream was also mine,

But the responsibility of the house gave me permission to kill my dream in the heart.

To meet that responsibility,

I put the sheet of responsibility on myself.

What to do?

I had some compulsion.

The hunger children were my weakness.

But "prostitute" word makes me weak,

When someone uses this word in front of me.

Don't tell me this,

Even if you take my life to quench your thirst.

But do not use this word in me.

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