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sunil saxena



sunil saxena


My Lovely Claudia , Flamingo Walk , Flamingo Twist

My Lovely Claudia , Flamingo Walk , Flamingo Twist

4 mins

My lovely Claudia

You are my lovely twit

You move on your 6-inch stilettos

Making sounds like a tweety tweety tweet

You twist on your toes like a ballerina

In your six inches high heels

You, my love, are the only one

To walk like a flamingo

In your 6 inches stilettos

Looking always askance

For someone, you love in the crowd

Nizaron kahani aur nishana kahain aur

Claudia my love, my lovely babe

My babe of babes of babes

You know I lie when I say I love you

Every one call you sexy, sexy

And you say tu mujhe sexy sexy kyon boole

Claudia, my love

My lovely twit

You are silly

You ask Madona

You ask Divine Rae

If you can go to sou soou

In your own big black plane

Holding back your sou soou until they say yes

Claudia, my lovely, my lovely babe

My sexy twit

You are always looking askance

In the crowd for someone you love

Who you think you know is there

Hiding in some corner

Looking at you, from behind some smooth back of lovely women

Every time you walk in your 6 inches stilettos

Walking like a flamingo

Twisting like a ballerina

On your toes that you can do and only you

Doing a little tippy-tippy tap

With your stilettos as you twist

Shaking softly your voluptuous curvaceous body

Teasingly showing your beautiful soft smooth back

Throwing your shinning soft long blonde hair

Forward to onto your ripe full bosom

Your slender body glistening like sunshine

Claudia, my love, my darling

You know, I lie

When I say, I love you

You are the greatest ramp walker to walk and dance on the ramp

The greatest, the greatest and the greatest

And will remain the greatest for a million years

When I will come again

To say to you

You know I lie

When I say I love you

You are the greatest model to walk in your stilettos

On the ramp, you move like an angel floating on her wings

You dance like a ballerina, like dancing in the wind

Throwing your beautiful golden hair

Back and forth on your full bosom and smooth back

Bending your soft knees in gentle twists

Your flamingo dance, your flamingo twist, the envy of every dancer 

What will you do with me, my lovely?

What will you do with me, my love?

If I come out from among the crowd

And throw flying kisses to you with my both hands

Blowing my kisses from my palm to you

Claudia my lovely, where do you go to in your dreams and my dreams

Looking for me in the crowd

When I am far, far away from you

Looking at you from the eyes of my heart

Your flamingo walk

In your six inches stilettos

That makes your beautiful

Long slender legs taut

Your soft lovely shapely calf muscles straining

With every little step, you take

Step by step softly you walk forward

Your shapely curves undulating

Like a fairy queen’s magic wand

Like stars falling from the sky in the cloudless night

Smile playing softly on your lovely beautiful lips

The essence of your smile softly spreading all around

Making the one you love intoxicated

Making him shake his head from side to side

In rhythm with the sound

Of your tippy-tippy tap stilettos

Claudia, my love, my lovely

Spreading your soft slender hands

Like a soaring flamingo wings

My flamingo, my love, my darling

You are the cutest of all cuties

You know I lie when I say I love you

You know, I am the deceiver

I have a heart of stone

You know I will leave you

If you will not smile to me

I will never leave you, my love

I will always come to you

Whenever you will just snap your fingers

I am always there for you in your dreams

Whenever you need me

Just call out to me

And I will come running

Claudia, my love, my lovely

You are my true love

You and only you, just you, my love

And my love, you know

I lie every time I say I love you

And I say I love you all the time

And you know I lie all the time

You just do your flamingo walk

Your flamingo twist just for me

My love, my love

My baby, my darling

I love you so, I love you so

I can’t tell you how much I love you

Claudia, my babe

My flamingo

You are my Claudia Shiffer

The graceful flamingo walk, the graceful flamingo twist

My love, my lovely

I l’oove you; I l’oove you

And I won’t say I lie when I say I ‘ooove you

Because you know all my lies

My love my love my lovely

Claudia, my love

Claudia, my beauty

Claudia Shiffer love of my heartbeat

Claudia, darling my love of my soul

Claudia, my love, love of my dreams



Claudia, my love

My love

My love

My love…..

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