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GARG Anshita

Abstract Children


GARG Anshita

Abstract Children

My First Rains

My First Rains

2 mins

From within the room, beneath the ceiling up high,

I beheld the tears shedding off the sky.

My heart screamed, sad it was,

My life had incurred a huge loss

“Oh, poor thee! Why do you too wet the heather?

When enough are my memories of beloved mother”,

I shrieked, enraged, concealing the plight,

Only to hear the splashes thrown with all might.

“I do curse you, sly behind the sky.

Shall He take away all your birth rights before you die.”

I, then, remembered mother,

She would have toyed with the grains like day another.

I pulled the pillow, hugged it tight

Although of an age tender, about the future I could get insight.

“Get up, lad!” I heard a voice pacific as sea,

Opened my eyes and found Indra before me.

“Yo…uuuu…” I remember the stammer,

Struck by His beauty, His flawless glamour.

“You blame me for your defeat,

But remember, I am happy only for your feat.

“I wish to see you climb high,

Embracing the summit, embracing the sky.

My rains wash away your grief,

Rejuvenate every old leaf.”

I gazed at him,

Till my eyes filled upto the brim.

“Make a new start everyday,

Tis not a help, the past for you,

To find the way, walk through the hay.”

I sensed mother, closing my eyes.

“A bird reaches the sky, only when he flies high.”

Her voice hit my ears,

And her faith vanished all my tears.

I went out to feel the rain,

To get rid of every old smeared tear stain.

“Convulsively I fall,

Not for one, but for all.

I enchant the earthen soil,

To embrace young minds wrapped up in foil.

Indra took leave chanting,

And left me happily panting.

I had seen many rains before,

But, this was my first experience in store.

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