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Lianiry Nunez



Lianiry Nunez


My Final Calling

My Final Calling

1 min 37 1 min 37

Every dart the enemy threw

To my thoughts, stir the lies in brew;

Laying here in my room, day after day

Swimming in my temporary grins, sway

'Til I'm bound to my sins, piercing behind

My heart, prisoner of my own mind.

Any addiction or obsession attached to this world

Keeping us busy, or from being bored

It's the work of the devil, this I know,

Putting my mind in a trance, though

Taking my eyes and covering my ears

From the truth, where I wanted to disappear.

Every second I spent in my own home

Wasting my time on temporary things,

When I should've looked up to the High King

Sitting on His rightful throne.

I avoided His face, I know that is wrong

I don't remember why I disobeyed for so long

But at His right moment, in His perfect time

The Lord woke me up, shone His warm light

Surrendering myself as the Child of God

Opening up my heart for Him to clean,

Committing myself to this new goal 

Until I am filled with nothing but peace and joy.

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