My Birthday

My Birthday

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My birthday is an occasion of great happiness and joy,

It is a day when me and my friends enjoy.

To all my friends for the birthday party I invite,

But they get surprised when I gobble cake in one bite.

All the friends spread the leftover cake on my face,

I don't worry and lick my face and get amazed by its marvellous taste.

Now, it is the time to pounce on snacks,

For such delicious snacks all friends say thanks.

Thereafter we play games like musical chair,

To beat me in those games no one can dare.

After that we have a wonderful Talent Show,

after showcasing their talents to their home the friends go.

That is the most exciting part of the day when I have to open my presents,

All the presents are pleasant.

All the wonderful gifts are now mine,

But I wonder why my birthday comes after one year that is a long time.

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