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Dheebika Ganesan

Abstract Action Inspirational


Dheebika Ganesan

Abstract Action Inspirational

Moving On!!!

Moving On!!!

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Moving on has been dealt as process of change and an individual's adaptation with the ongoing changes

In reality, many times, it confuses me as moving on has been tweaked as a mode of escapism

Especially, when life shudders you with drastic and exhaustive events, are we moving on after facing it or before becomes an important interrogation

For a fact moving on without accepting the pain of failures, does it count for an ultimate transformation of anyone?

Moving on without envisaging your own fears, does that really make us courageous or a coward?

Moving on without even noticing your roles and responsibilities, does that makes us self-fulfilled or self-centered?

Moving on without admitting your own mistakes and errors, does that gives you growth mindset or elevates you as a stubborn personality?

Moving on without even realising that you require a break from the routine, does that makes you a busy person or a disturbed individual?

Moving on without forgiving, does that makes you free of guilty or regretful?

Moving on without forgetting the evil or cruelty, does that makes you burden-less, nevertheless when its recalled again, may be it is an act of carrying in your memories

Moving on without even waiting for the goodness to happen from the universe, does that helps you to move further or just an act of running away from the existing reality?

I do not negatively condone the act of moving on and its significance in life

I am highly concerned about the aspect of when to move on

Some say move on before you are forty, so many will tell to move on as early as possible, while lot of them threatens to move on before it gets too late

But isn't it important to move on only when you are ready and not in a hurry

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