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Premjit Sunil Gatigante



Premjit Sunil Gatigante


Motherly Figure !

Motherly Figure !

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You are the center of the SRSS,  

and Motherly figure to us,

You are affixed like glue, 

That holds everyone together!

Your wisdom is old

And rooted in the earth, 

They teach the power of

silence and motivational, 

You are forever ready to explore, 

And set a new goal to outscore, 

You are ready to restore,

Intellect and discipline in college, therefore,

You stand out and administers students’ footsore!

You are a positive thinker, 

Valecha madam the one who is a fighting warrior,

Against anxiety and worry on the door,

And all of us roar! 

You are the woman of principles and decor,

Whose blessings on all of us ever pour,

You work tirelessly,

It is your mission to make this Institution one of the best,

The inspiration that comes,

From you on a daily basis is immeasurable,

You have always been rendering help to us! 

I am glad that I have the pleasure,

To be under your wing,

To learn your wisdom and knowledge,

Your words always stir and spur me,

To do better than I thought I could!

Let’s light a beautiful candle for you on your birthday,

May you grow wiser, greater, stronger, and healthier,

We love you, madam!

Happiest Birthday Valecha madam

God bless you abundantly

From Premjit Gatigante

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