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Missing You

Missing You

2 mins 188 2 mins 188

We were okay,

We were happy,

We were so in love with each other,

But that was before.

The day we met,

The day we became lovers,

Until the day we broke up,

What happened?

I never expected this,

What happened?

I am so broken,

What happened?

Why did you leave me behind like that?

Where are you?

Do you not love me anymore?

Where are you?

'Cause I'm still into you,

Like a waterfall that cannot stop from falling,

These tears it feels like I'm drowning.

And emptiness all behind me,

Where are you?

Please comeback!

The reason that I want to know,

Tell me and help me.

I want to escape from this dark room,

That is filled with emptiness,

A beautiful flower that paled,

Too tired to bloom again.

'Cause I miss how you care,

I miss you,

I miss the old us,

I want to feel your presence,

I want to feel your arms against mine,

I want to feel your love again.

Your eyes when you look at me,

Like a star that shines in the night,

Remembering the past,

If I can go back to the time,

The time that's filled with love.

And now I'm miserable,

I want to move on,

I want to forget you but,

Let me love you for once.

Let me love you even if it hurts,

Let me love you until it's gone.

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