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Anushka Lal



Anushka Lal


Man: The Perfection Of Creation?

Man: The Perfection Of Creation?

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Molded from a lump of mud

Then transformed into flesh and blood

As Man began his gradual evolution

He became the Crown of Creation

At first, the Creator blessed this being

A bright future could be seen

But as sin and greed came creeping in

It took away that innocent grin

And in its place were flaws and mistakes

Those, which man could never forsake

Though fashioned in the image of God

Is Man the perfect one in all?

He has the heart, mind and soul

But why still not complete and whole?

The answer lies in you, my friend

You are the start; you are the end

Of this mankind and humanity alone

And must conquer these stepping stones

True perfection is in your imperfections

They are to be discovered through perception

It is not what you have, but what you are

That makes you the brightest star

If only Creation made us perfect

No development one would ever detect

This perfectionism fear is bane

For absoluteness can never be attained

What is this ‘perfect’ you try to possess?

It’s just an imposter I confess

It is imperfect perfection in Man

This deficiency was Creation’s plan

You were born to be real; not perfect

Pause at your mistakes and reflect

Portray imperfection; chase your dreams

Not everything is what it seems

You have a road before you to go

Much to conquer and to know.

The Imperfection is perfect

Your flaws are for you to detect

For the only universal constant is change

All beauty is imperfect and strange

This is the very elixir of life

The Creator’s wish; the One divine

So is it not but mere illusion

Man: The Perfection of Creation?

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