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Love And Friendship

Love And Friendship

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The love that begins in the end,

When you realize, that no more, are you both friends,

Your friendship turns into love

For one another,

As you both grow in love, your

Commitment goes further,

Wonder when friendship became


You had to wait till the end,

To know what is love, and what is a friendship,

It happens sometimes in life,

A person who stands for you in

Every need,

Often is termed a friend,

A man and a woman can be friends,

Without falling in love at some point in their life,

When understanding dawn's,

Friendship becomes love,

Love that begins in the end,

You lose a friend but gain a lover.

When you know both are no more friends,

You realize you are made for each other,

Take the next step to become blessed

In holy matrimony,

Love and friendship Two sides of

Same coin,

In love, you share your life, your happiness,

In friendship, you share your needs.

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