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Alaska Gen

Drama Romance


Alaska Gen

Drama Romance

Lost We

Lost We

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Got no idea how long it's been

Since we lost the future once seen

Can't believe how it got shattered

It ain't that it never mattered.

Was it all the nagging to stay close

Or was our flower just the thorns of a rose.

Doesn't matter was it about deafening you or shouting me,

What you & I lost, was we.

Oh this ain't a blame game

Coz it's no matter of fame

Or! Was it a game to be played by some rules

And we loved escaping everything like fools.

Doesn't matter, was it I too dreamy

Or you too perfect for me

What you & I lost was we.

Was it me pushing all through

Or u tried to pull it out of the blue

Wish we had moved it together

Don't know, if it would have been better

But we would have been together.

Well, now is the time to walk away

Let's not ask for a little longer to stay,

Even that won't end enough

Whenever we gotta move on

It's gonna be tough.

Doesn't matter I turned my back on you

Or u turned it on me

What you & I have lost is "we".

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