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Alaska Jen



Alaska Jen




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The dream of days

The beauty of nights

The wonder of every excursion

For her, it was the city lights.

Ain't just the city of skyscraping heights

She fancied it for her paradise

Coz even in all the dark

The metropolis would be all bright

Presenting a puzzling design

From it, her gaze couldn't resign

Quashing all other mesmerizing sights

The most worth watching for her were the city lights.

There's streets jamming with a throng

Yet, not a soul knew her song

She pined to stay here long

Coz under these city lights 

She had done the rightest wrong.

Back then, she was walking alone

Needed nobody to lean on

Until all went off, expect that city light.

Beneath it, they had their dream stand 

Devil says you shouldn't have gone

But that's when they held the never leaving hand

All the shade gotta close her heart

Oh boy !! It exploded looking at mighty's most beautiful art

Found just the one forever known soul

To whom, she ended up giving it all.

She had to unravel the twinkling maze

For she wanted their once seen future forever stays.

All say he's up above a star in the sky of night

She knows that soul's just under that citylight.

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