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Yes, I want to stop writing.

But I heard your voice.

So, I have no choice.

So, I called you to talk to you.

But it was brief.

So I was not happy about it.

I wanted to talk to you more.

But I was afraid to bore.

My feelings grew more and more.

I wanted to dance with you on the floor.

I wanted to be free with you.

But I do not know what to do!

You are special and you are castle

Of love that I am addicted to.

I really don't know what to do.

You look great in everything.

You sound serene in the recording.

Let's go somewhere far away.

And talk about a love day.

Let's go somewhere in a jungle

And play the game in a triangle.

I know you can lead

To spread the love seed

On the barren land

To make it green on dry sand.

Watermelons will grow

And we will have a show.

At night under the moonlight

We will dance, we will fight.

We will play, we will write

Something bright.

I can imagine why you said 'no problem'.

But you know I am a problem.

I always want a little.

I am not fake but brittle.

I really don't want to write more.

From your mouth let me hear lore.

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