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Megha Tayal



Megha Tayal


Ladylike 101

Ladylike 101

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Hey my daughter out there

For a moment, I want your attention here

Your mother is an archetypal example of Indian woman

And when you came to this world, I decided to make you so, there and then


While the whole world is witnessing the rise of feminazis and now fighting for males' rights,

Injustices to us are not still sporadic sights.

But we are not here to study this multi-dimensional problem and find solution, 

We are not aspiring to be a part of this revolution.

So let's begin ... There are many norms you need to fit by

For instance ... there will be occasions where you need to blush or cry

Your shade of lipstick is a criterion to judge your character

And you have only few opportunities in any job sector

On your demand, people will try to placate

And you need to acquiesce either soon or late

Even the vehemence of respect from society in form of worshipping female deities won't either palpable 

or plausible

But don't question that, silence is commendable 

Your hair should be below those ears

And you have the right to show your fears

Your husband will lie and just try to give himself some verisimilitude 

And for even getting the worst partner, you ought to show gratitude

In your teens, be away from boys

Coz' my mother also gave a caveat, that there is not any real love 

and your emotions and reputation are society's favourite toys ..

You should not be a very ambitious aspirant

We won't let you fall, bear failure and then elevate to be a strong woman 

at such a minor stage or ever next

Transformation in the old regime, you should not have a penchant for them ,

Because in the ocean of thoughts, for your opinions, the men have the helm

But I don't expect you to be enclosed in the four walled kitchen

You should work outside, but that too before marriage,

Coz then your individuality will lessen

You will get to spend limitlessly, but to only look pleasant to people's eyes

Cause some intangible boundaries are your limits and not the above skies

And you must always pray for your spouse to live longer than you...

Here also , you will be have a reservation in the queue

Now this is just the first chapter of how to be perfect women who can suppress emotions , not protest in commotions and have bliss in the beauty lotions 

So remember these penniless traditions

They need to be practised, professed and propagated 

Because even if society becomes secular in all facets, I and you will still be discriminated..

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