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Just This One Mother's Day

Just This One Mother's Day

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If I could pick one day to have her here,

I'd choose it to be this mother's day.

This occasion out of all the others,

It's going to be harder than words could say.

On that one day, we'll do it all,

And I wouldn't waste a single minute.

I'd keep going all day hour after hour,

And If I got tired I would never quit.

Just knowing it was my last chance,

To show her all of my love.

Because it must be hard for her to see,

Watching from up above.

I'd make her a very special card,

As I make them for people all the time.

But hers wouldn't be like the rest,

Above all others, hers would shine.

It would say, Dear mom, I love you,

I'm proud to be your daughter. 

Then I'd hug her tightly,

And hold her while I've got her.

She'd French braid my hair in the end,

Just like she always used to.

I'd smile at her when it was done,

And say oh mom "I love you!"

I'd tell her how scared I am,

Because my surgery is the next day.

But she'd tell me she'd be with me,

Holding my hand all the way.

I'd cry when it was dark out,

Knowing the day would soon end.

Although she won't be here forever,

In my dreams, I can always pretend.

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