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Hetvi Paresh Soni



Hetvi Paresh Soni


Just A Tale Of Time

Just A Tale Of Time

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It's just a matter of time,

When you hear this

Tale of time,

It's an interesting tale,

So widen your eyes,

And read this tale of time,

This tale of time,

Let me take you a little back in time,

A few months ago,

I knew a girl,

A living masterpiece made by god,

Beautiful as heaven,

Intelligent as a computer

And sweet as sugar

She was quite herself,

Until she realized this tale of time,

Which changed her forever and ever,

Time showed her things,

She never imagined,

Gave her experiences,

She'd never thought of,

And as I said changed her forever and ever,

She saw the world,

She saw the beauty,

She met new people,

And slept with a new experience

Every day in her head,

Time treated her even more

Preciously than anything else,

Because she valued time and effort more

Than everything she had,

She believed that working hard

Is more important,

Then worrying about succeeding

If you've done your best,

Then time will reward

You with the best

It's a matter of time dear,

The game-changer,

It has the power to turn the tables round

And change situations forever,

And as I said it's just a tale of time

You respect it and it respects you

Value it and the world values you

Remembers you,

Until tick-tock, tick-tock and

Woosh time stopped and everything ended.

This is just a tale of time

Where anything can happen anytime

In this tale of time.

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