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Moinak Dutta



Moinak Dutta


Julia, Her Man And The Spring

Julia, Her Man And The Spring

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Julia, her man, and the spring

In her cottage lone and bright

Away a bit from the din

Julia had been living quietly

With her garden as it seemed, Her man, the man who went

To different places for works his

Would come home when the scent

Of spring would catch the breeze, Julia would wait all months long

All days thinking of him

When spring would give her the song

And glittering waves deck the stream, She would stand at her door

Peering out to see

If by that pebbled path sure

With blooms woke that tree, For she knew every year

When that tree would dress up so

Her man would come near

Her with mirth that spring does sowAnd then he would come, her man

Walking stones of miles few

He would bring for her stories of lands

And adornments with pinkish hues, He would tell her how in between

His works and daily fights

He found peace of love clean

Giving him soulful flights, And Julia would look at him

And think of how is it

Spring comes every year as it seemed

And gives her wondrous treat, She would think of finding more

Beauty in nature around

She would think of how love pours

Only to keep her bound to love and her man who

Keeps coming back to her

Walking all the roads to

Her cottage, on the hills, from far.

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