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Selina Subba



Selina Subba


Indian Festivities

Indian Festivities

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When I was small, festivals meant celebrations

Dussehra meant new dresses and money.. 

Diwali meant crackers and sweets;

Holi meant playing with colors

Time passed by... 

Festivals now seemed like a burden. 

Family gatherings seemed meaningless

Waste of time and lots of work is what I thought festival was

Time again flied

Now I exist in another place

No festivals and family to tolerate

But every Dussehra and Diwali this heart aches

Now that I am away

I realise the importance of my Indian festivities

Holi is not just festival of colors 

But festival of relations

Every Indian festivity is giving gratitude

To people we have in our life

For alone we are nothing

But together we are a family which means everything..

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