Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



2 mins

I am in the pinnacle of my success

To garner from myriad with huge accolades

I am rich by virtue of their appreciation

Mundane wealth I acquired galore, beyond ones estimation

This is what I only aspire for

To prove my worth only to equate my status distinct in all fore

People are making huge roar

I am swaying with fancy for their grand uproar!

I hardly care that they are the only source of my entity

I am flamboyant only without heeding to their fancy

I only resolutely affirm to the vision of my own

Where I never appear in small letter to express my supremacy to be only blown!

I am too a matter

I reflect in human cerebral with huge clatter

Who cares how I evolve with what potentiality

Centuries long process script my entity

A process of continuous change in continuity

Configure my entity which is a sheer moment with serendipity?

Like butterfly with myriad colors in its wings

I too spell my eloquence to impress majority to dance on my whims

Considering my own folks as mere dunce

I manifest my entity with arrogance out of my ephemeral success with mystical stance

Majority buy my manifestation with glee

As if I am the only hero in their melee!

When unhappiness and boredom engulfs me

I hardly capable to realize an anti-matter too exist within me

My anxiety of losing fame

Increasing my blood sugar of fearing whether I am going to lose the mundane game

Multi organ failure suddenly started to emerge in my body politic

I am in utter jeopardy, considering my all endeavor as sheer heuristic!

I am in the verge of extinction

My life is at stake, none is now available to make any appreciation

Abruptly my all happiness disappear

Unhappiness only engulfs me with utter despair!

I wonder who I am

Why I always cry, why I cause all mayhem

Unless there is any energy

Can I afford to have any synergy?

It is the Sun in nucleus in our solar system

Responsible for all symbiosis to accelerate the Earth in rhythm

What a unique balance we notice on Earth

Where plenty of synthesis expresses in vociferous without any dearth

I will soon die

Being adamant to vie

Against nature and force to pay inevitable toll

Matter and anti-matter do exist in the nature’s floor only to extol!

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