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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj


My Ailing Mother

My Ailing Mother

2 mins

As they say “ Angels are in heaven

And mother on earth”

Who nurturing an embryo in her womb,

To a child gives birth.

Bearing the pain for nine months never

A sigh on the face,

Throughout living in fantasies, weaving dreams

With decent grace.

That pure soul pillar to the family, at times

In tears but no regret,

The warmth of her touch, the gift from God, who wouldn't agree, I can bet.

Today that pillar on the threshold of life

 Is losing its hold,

Some mischievous act of a devil

 Quite inhumane with blood cold.

The waves of fear, anxiety, distress

Send a shiver to my veins,

The more I want to hold her, the farther

To me seem the reins.

So broad, so vivid is the future

Written on her face,

Struggling every moment, blank looks, she may

Or may not win the race.

Body fragile, mind wavered and

Gloomy is the face,

Motionless, the state of the body, not even ready

To accept a brace.

For my ailing mother, there seems to be

No way I could help,

In despair, I cry, I bang, I desolate,

To my own self, I skelp.

Why would it happen to a soul with complete

Surrenderance to Almighty day-night,

And helping one here, one there, expecting least

Always ignoring the fight.

She never bothered for any trial matters

Such was her inner core,

Always calm, composed, even in despair,

People would always swear.

But now when the waves of her life not only shiver

But are dying,

With marks of fatigue, restlessness, An anguished soul Seems crying.

How much I wish to steal few more summers and winters

From Nature’s hub,

Where she would remain with us happily and the shoulders Again we could rub.

Miracles do happen as that is my strong faith,

And my belief,

From this anguished state, the Almighty to her

Would send some relief.

Nothing beyond prayers is what I

As a daughter can do,

Kneeling before God, liting some candles

And conch to blow.

The spiritual waves will turn into medicine,

Blessings will shower form His kingdom,

This too is the law of Nature and the strong

Belief and faith of Adam.

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