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Ramya R

Abstract Action Inspirational


Ramya R

Abstract Action Inspirational

India's Great Growth

India's Great Growth

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Seventh richest country in the world 

Second populous country

Figured among the top 10 wealthiest countries in the world

Has vast resources and being fine tuned to import and export accordingly

Improved tourism industry growth in #IforIndia

Many revolutions in India like green revolution, white revolution, etc

Improved povery line growth

Great growth in economy from 2006 till 2016

Clean India initiative make India a better country in many aspects

Great growth in textile industry with newly tried dress materials

Computerisation of banking sector and others with boom in IT sector

All industry growth is amazing in all aspects

Growth in real estate industry was too great in past 10 years

Many medical colleges and other educational institutions popped up greatly in India

High literacy rate in #IforIndia

Bye to unemployment and welcome to great job openings in the country 

Largest democracy for many years since independence

Huge business partnerships with foreign countries 

New emerging fastest growing economy in the world

Visit of US presidents to #IforIndia like Mr.Obama and Mr.Donald Trump

Many government companies and public sector undertakings high growth

Hurrah India for its amazing growth towards all industries

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