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Inspirational Others



Inspirational Others

If I Were

If I Were

2 mins 276 2 mins 276

If I were a beam of the moon

The light I would cool down the

The hot temper of a quarrelling

Tens young modern couple

For their better mutual

Understanding & compatibility.

If I were a Sun's ray

I would be very red hot to

Teach the inhuman rapists 

A proper lesson by burning

Them in public mercilessly.

If I were a drop of rainwater.

I would fall into the mouth of

White-winged doves of an

Oasis while it craves for a sip

Of water to quench its thirst

In the scorching sun of the


If I were a dark night I

Would feed the white owl

And civets secretly with

Choice foods to survive in

The suburban village groves

Amid the odds.

If I were a sorcerer I

Would build the lodgings

For the stray disabled

Beggars with arrangement

Of their bread and butter

Permanently after perfect


If I were an angel I would

Give more choice foods

And strong protection to

The extinction Dodoes for

Their survival in the natural

Habitat by planting Calveria

Trees in Mauritius.

If I were a black hornet

I would sting on the ears

Of the quarrelling neighbours 

To teach them the ideal of

Universal brotherhood

Through my continual tyrant 


If I were a perfect hymn

I would thrust myself into

The mouth of a fake priest

Who betrays the house

Holders only for money

Without being a cultured

Sanskrit scholar.

If I were a running brook

I would like to flow across

The dry land of a poor

Peasant of the drought

Stricken barren lands for

Raising lucrative crops

If I were a demigod

I would support a

Social reformer especially

An ambitious educated lady

To amend the corrupted as

Well as the current

Demoralised human society.

If I were a green planet

I would Pray Almighty

God to capacitate me

Enough to give a beautiful

Shelter for peaceful and

Harmonious people of the

Global mankind to survive.

If I were an honest divine

Magician of the God's

Palace I would let

All the Nuclear, Hydrogen,

Cobalt and virus bombs hidden

Underground. Vanish into

The space is being neutralised.

If I were the Himalayas I

Would grow plenty of life

Saving herbs in my jungles

For natural invigoration of

The Global mankind to

Fight out the stranger


If I were the Superman I

Would bring the present 

Chaotic Global regions

Tactfully as a whole under

My autocratic administration.

If I were a loving

Monk of mankind I would

Pray Lord to provide sufficient

Food, clothes, and shelter

To all the family members of

Global House incessantly up

To eternity.

Above all, if I were a Prophet

Of twenty-first century I would

Assemble and inspire all the

Global people irrespective of

Cast creed and colours to

Pray Almighty God for

Formation of a new Global

Mankind consisted of only

Man and Female Race being

Motivated for building a

Universal Utopian Dynasty.

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