I Wish

I Wish

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I know I can never describe your love, but let me just try,

For you have had sleepless nights, when I was small & used to cry.

Before each new endeavour, I have always held your hands.

Many people have come after, but you'll always be my first ever friend.

Through all pains, fulfilling most of my wishes, you have shown your care.

Can't imagine a life without you, I really really swear.

We care so much for each other, yet we sometimes fight,

I become angry for sometime, but I realise you are right.

Your care & affection have made sure I'm never in tears.

That I will never able to repay your love, is one of my fears.

Promise me that you will never leave me alone.

For I wish in each life to follow, you will be my very own.


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