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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Nehal Chandak

Drama Romance


Nehal Chandak

Drama Romance

A Cup Of Latte

A Cup Of Latte

2 mins 218 2 mins 218

A valentine evening be so boring for singles like me, 

Though, I decided to date myself, as self love is so important in the world full of chaos. 

A pink floral one piece was calling from the wardrobe to wear it out, 

And flaunt it's beauty to the outside world. 

Paired it up with cute little minimal jewels and a chain symbolizing the sign of infinite, 

According to the eve, I was dressed up perfectly, and the love is infinite today in the air. 

Managed to reach the place within half an hour,

The ambiance of the cafe stole my heart, love vibe was all around me without the love of my life. 

People were sharing love with their loved ones and watching their happy faces was the peace in itself. 

I made myself comfortable on the corner seat of the cafe and ordered a cup of latte. 

Was wondering whether true love exists? 

Can we fall in love with someone at first sight? 

While I was bubbling in my own thoughts, my favourite latte with some choco-chip cookies was on the table. 

The smell of roasted coffee and the steamed milk is a feeling of paradise on the Earth. 

Sipping the coffee with my imaginative thoughts was a perfect date with myself for the day, 

I was completely into my own world, though I suddenly realized someone was standing infront of me.

A tall young gentleman with husky voice said. "You pretty lady!May I join you for the day?"

Wondering why would he love to accompany a person like me, 

Though I said "Yes sure", didn't have any other option left. 

We introduced each other and was enjoying the weather with gossips, 

Later he too placed an order for latte, though he wasn't fond of latte. 

Exchanged our thoughts on Families, love, heartbreaks and what not, 

We were quite similar to each other and honestly speaking, he was the perfect example of a man I always dreamt off. 

Our conversation took us to another world,

We were strange an hour ago and now we knew each other perfectly.

While gossiping we didn't realize, we had 3 cups of Latte and kept our conversation on.

Suddenly a steward came and said politely "Ma'am do you want to make your order?"

And realized I was dreaming in my own imaginary world, 

Smiled in grief and said Yes to the steward and he went.

Was starring outside the cafe though I heard a husky voice of a gentleman saying "May I join you before the beautiful evening ends?"

I turned around and he was there,

The man of my imagination was infront of my eyes offering me A CUP OF LATTE.

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