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Ashwin Achariar

Abstract Drama


Ashwin Achariar

Abstract Drama

It's My Rising

It's My Rising

1 min 19 1 min 19

I was born to be different to be something else, 

To be something that was never underestimated by someone,

Who thinks everyone rather than self, 

I was born to rise,

Rise with an engery that could bring a change, 

A change for everyone and everyone,

Things go up and things go down,

It' s the life that rules and makes us work, 

I am the lead for someone or everyone,

I lead them to be something and lead myself to be one, 

One and only one that was to be conceived,

Rising energy that is been rising and rising, 

We fight for the truth and we action for the right, 

That's our keen and that's our pride, 

Beneath the very soul in us,

Youth strides to rise, 

We rise for the beginning and never to get settle, 

We rise up And rise up.

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