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I Don't Want To Be Afraid

I Don't Want To Be Afraid

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Of the pores, I see on my skin,

Of the bald patch that's getting bigger on my head,

Of the blackheads that sit on my nose,

Of the wrinkles that decorate my forehead,


To dance when others do it freely,

To sing when a melody touches the heart,

To close the umbrella and walk in the rain, 

To keep drinking until I pass out,


To enter a room full of people and noise,

To smile freely with the shine of a gem,

To look into the eyes that are trying to catch mine,

To tell all my people how much I love them,


To wear what I want without thinking they’d laugh,

To write my heart out after not writing for long,

To trust because it was shattered before,

To speak my heart out without thinking I'd be wrong,


Of the lonely beach in the dark night,

Of the morning which comes on Mondays,

Of the dusk that stares when the sun is setting,

Of my empty home when parents are away,


Of my silence when others talk with confidence,

Of my tears when emotions are engulfing me,

Of myself when anger surrounds me like a fence,

Of memories when I see the photo where you’re smiling at me,


I don’t want to be afraid.

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