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Dinesh D

Abstract Romance


Dinesh D

Abstract Romance

Is It Ok?

Is It Ok?

2 mins 210 2 mins 210

To think about you every moment, 

And count days that are left to see you,

At night when I am tired I want to sleep, 

But if I keep myself awake to think of you,


To think hard and decipher 

The exact location of the mole on your eyelid,

When you were frantically shouting, how funny you must’ve looked

When we were riding a bike at 100,

About how you were feeling when learning to drive

Or whenever you try something new,

About how it felt the last time we hugged

And imagine about the next time we get to,

Or how you’d react,

Seeing a joke in a movie,

To think how’d you laugh 

When you see me accidentally trip,

To remember the time when we were holding hands

The connection was real, the vibe was electric


To roll and come near you

When you’re lying next to me,

To scare you when you’re washing your face,

To disturb you when you are busy,

To move you when you’re applying the lip balm,

To hide your clothes when you come from a shower,

To come behind you wherever you walk in the room

To grab you in arms and always keep you closer,


To try and think how you were feeling

That day when you were crying alone,

To wonder when was the last time

You giggled and laughed,

When you looked up and embraced the sun’s rays,

When you danced like no one’s watching,

The last time you made a funny face 

Or drenched yourself in an open rain,

Or when you were really upset,

Or when you yelled in pain,

To wish I was holding you in all such moments

Or to relive all with you again,


To do something about 

The initial awkwardness whenever me meet,

How to ask you out better

So that you just come with me,

To be silly and stupid and dance with you

And to talk my heart out freely,

To not pretend and just be my goofy self,

To not care if this is right or wrong

To not have to worry about going home,

To say you’re the only one I want,


To pray for your happiness to return,

To tell you, 

In this with you I am

And not to think about the world

Because they’ll come back the moment you stand,

To tell you,

You haven’t made any mistake

You only loved, you only gave, 

Don’t blame yourself for other’s mistakes,

People will come back when they realise

What I already know, that you are priceless,

That not loving you is a crime,

Don’t know about others, I don't care any less,

Is it ok… to want to be with you every time...

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