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I Am My Only Superhero

I Am My Only Superhero

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Every time I found myself in tunnels deep & dark,

I crawled to reach the brighter side that seemed very far.

I cried, I screamed and burst out with pain.

Then, I held myself and moved ahead, not knowing whom to blame.

There were times when I was treated like a toy,

I became the game, not knowing my life was about to destroy.

I woke up to find myself amongst the creatures who looked like humans,

Heartless people, it was something they had in common.

The mixed emotion of that time I can still feel,

I looked up for help and found no one but me.

That was a lesson this world gave me for a lifetime,

Nobody stands for truth, because on earth that’s a crime.

I took deep breathes and decided to be strong.

As if it was a new life and I was just born.

Moving ahead, I felt a little better,

Unaware that this stronger version would also shatter.

A girl’s life is like a roller coaster ride,

Fairytales are a myth, keep them aside.

You have to have the charm of a girl & strength of a boy,

So that you are never again treated like a toy.

You are awesome the way you are,

Don’t hide, but heal your wound scar.

It might take some time to be strong,

Don’t believe anyone, who says you were wrong.

Give yourself a life you always dreamt to live.

Remember, you are the only one whom you should believe.

Live, love and laugh loudly,

I am what I wanted to be, say proudly.

I dragged myself out of hell,

Gave myself a life, where, happily I could dwell.

I promised the kid inside me to guard her today and tomorrow,

I am my only superhero.

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