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Supratik Sen



Supratik Sen


I Am History

I Am History

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I am history.

Do not talk to me

About conflicts,

The ones you had

With families, relatives

Friends, neighbours,

Colleagues, and

With neighbouring countries.

You have shown your unquestionable

Integrity, sincerity, honesty

In keeping alive animosity

Through unkind words,

Self-destructive thoughts,

Delinquent actions.

I am history.

What is so special about

Keeping dead discords alive,

Reliving hatred, rewriting same stories

In my pressing pages?

Get rid of your destructive box

And write something I am yearning

Preserve, talk to me if you have resolved

Issues melted cold and silent wars,

Standing in between yourselves

As stubborn, imperceptible icebergs.

I am history.

Talk to me when you can display

The same sincerity in friendship

That you have demonstrated

For self-molestation, self-degradation;

I want to read the same integrity in kindness

That you have shown in being enemies.

Talk to me when you can uphold

The same authenticity in healing

Than in killing, the same honesty

In mending relationships.

I am a history, a unique teacher,

If you fall prey to your same nature,

Results will be that of repeated defeat;

If you conquer the deadly habit

You will lead towards victory,

It’s not difficult, no mystery,

Look inside the folds

Of the flora and the fauna

Read the pages again,

Rewrite your destiny.

I am history.

I would want my looks to change,

The age-old green room

Traps me in a cage,

Give me a hand I desperately

Needed for so long,

Play a different song

And sing along together;

All maladies and malpractices

Will naturally disappear.

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