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I Am Always There For You

I Am Always There For You

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I look at you working throughout the day,

While I sit doing what I do best do nothing,

Working around the house is the preserve of a woman,

While lazing around in my domain is my preserve.

This lockdown has put a brake on that,

No more can I sit around idle,

You told me to do some work or else,

So all these days, I thought what you did was easy.

But now I know the difficulties as try to do them,

Sweeping the floor is so back breaking,

Mopping is so painful, so dreadful.

So dear sister, you look at me with a smile,

Tells me, give me the broom, I will sweep the floor.

Give me the mop, I will wipe the floor.

And so it goes on so many back-breaking chores,

Cooking, washing, sweeping mopping, the list is endless,

But you have no complaints, no display of any anger, or tantrums.

You are a boon a gift from God Whatever will we do,

Without you or your presence in our lives,

On this day which is a special day, a day of love for every brother and sister.

Your love has to be appreciated, in its reciprocity,

I am at a loss as to what to gift you,

When you tie the sacred thread of Rakhi

On my wrist,

There is no relationship that has been made or created,

Than that of a brother and sister. 

But Rakshabandhan symbolises that bond,

The Irreplaceable bond of love symbolised, 

By the sacred thread tied on my wrist.

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