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Hasmukh Amathalal



Hasmukh Amathalal


Hard Rock Heart

Hard Rock Heart

1 min 21 1 min 21

We have become rock hard

We remain unmoved with kind words 

Enter altercation and draw the sword

Fall backward and not move forward


The old saying goes

And proves

The forecast of human destiny

That shall face misery and poverty 


What has made us motionless?

Heartless and careless

Make us chase material leisure

And just damn the future


Why are we striving for untruth?

And after that also seeking proof

It shows for humanity to live with scare

And never dare for pure way 


Hearts have become heartless

You pour water on the stone's surface

It shall remain dry in appearance

With no improvement in the remote chance 


The sentiments have edged out

Nuisance is talked about

Cheating and deception is taken as intelligence

Life is not taken as a precious chance.

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