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Rosy Gomes



Rosy Gomes


Happy India and Me

Happy India and Me

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See how jovial I am,

How cheerful this life is passing by.

How ecstatic I feel!

Is it a night full of dreams?

Oh no! it can’t be,

The answer is all me.

It is the freedom to live and reap,

Clambering like a climber to display all deeds.

How glad it feels to breathe free,

The serene air is all with me.

It speaks of purity, humanity and loyalty of the fighters,

Who never surrendered but fought to save us from disasters.

I can move out with no fears,

Walk out with no tears,

An oath made to all Indians,

That none will be in chains and serve like barbarians.

My brothers and sisters,

How do you feel?

To be in this field,

Which is filled with mighty zeal.

I am overwhelmed with glee,

My instinct keeps on asking me.

I feel like running across the paddy fields,

To smell the fragrance of the earth and here I kneel. 

I lay down my offerings to you my India,

A heart full of love and honesty.

To pay my homage to you Oh Mother!

As you always bind us together. 

My words are less in number,

As I’m not worthy to confess.

But here in your lap, I sit,

And say I’m happy, this is what I admit.

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