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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Narayanan Neelamegam



Narayanan Neelamegam


Gang Leader

Gang Leader

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Leader, a person commander in control;

The Only head, manages some groups;

The power in hand controls few teams;

The supremacy, his ability, and position;

To Implement, based on Ideas to Inspire;

The follower, under the leader influence;

The leaders are not born, but been made;

The follower, decide and chose leaders;

Leaders create history by their powers;

A leader leads the way to achieve goals;

A leader motivates, and encourages all;

Leaders can communicate effectively;

In 2020, the gang leader invisible virus;

All world scared and named it Corona;

We all were followers, but can't dictate;

Reversal..backward direction....action;

No follower can follow the leader here;

In this earth now, Leader...very selfish; 

Only he wanted to live and enjoy life;

He destroys, the whole team who follows;

Do we have any guts to change leader;

Certainly, no one had virtual prowess;

How long this leader can dominate us;

No one, having the clue of ruler period;

All our fate has been decided by the leader;

All our future is in the hands of this leader;

Hatred Leader,.... disgusting in nature;

The Corona... The Virus...The COVID;

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