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Vivek Gupta



Vivek Gupta


Gained Worth

Gained Worth

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We are a breed that follows no creed

Material possession and money is not our greed

Simple we are to walk our way

Yet we are criticized and many say;

What we ought to do and what we are not to say.

The society boasts that we are highly revered

With immense virtues and morals, we are favored

We must be alert and should not drop any

As we are a breed who shouldn’t count penny.

The profession which we follow defines us as a teacher.

We should be humble with the polite feature.

We are expected to do all that is right

Never should we ever instill a fight

Even a verbal opinion or aggression will make us a savage

We should be calm and should always manage

All the adversities that come our way.

We should never ever have a loud say.

Every else has the gut to question our ability.

From management to parents, all can judge our capability.

We can be questioned for the decisions we take.

We are answerable to the reprimands we make.

Sometimes we may be dragged to the court.

Or maybe pushed out of the porch.

But in any case, we need to be silent

Because teachers are and never can get violent.

The effort we make and the extra classes we take

It is our duty and rightly we should never shake.

Else the government can question our might.

They can remark that we take it so lightly.

Salary negotiations can be made at others will

We are asked what is our expenses and bill

Teachers, we are and shouldn’t count money

We don’t require to have bread and honey.

Situations when worst we should walk first

To help the needy and quench their thirst.

We should follow the virtue of sacrifice.

Else we will be answerable for every demise.

Wages we should forgo with no rages

As humble we should be and should be like blank pages.

With white simplicity where all can scribble their anxiety

Calming everyone is what remains as our sole duty.

We should not ever discuss our plight

We must not ever lose our might

We are the teachers and must not ruin the future

Even if walking the way, we lose our own features.

Ah! We are answerable to all as we are humble creatures

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