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Gorthi Manasvini

Inspirational Others


Gorthi Manasvini

Inspirational Others

Freeindia: Voice Of A Dream

Freeindia: Voice Of A Dream

2 mins 377 2 mins 377

On the land, housed by fraternity

Exemplifying cultural diversity

One and all, assured of dignity

Promoting the love of humanity

As an indestructible Union of states

Unity is what it humbly resonates

Integrity, society's deep-rooted coil

Betokens power of our divine soil

With the cardinal directions, four

Signifies acceptance in its core

Freedom is our holy Land's life

For the real democracy to strive

Where children, men, and women

All feel secure, equal & safe, Amen

No harassment and sexual abuse

Talents are encouraged to profuse

Empowerment and employment

Social Equity and development

Preamble goals ascendance

Define the soul of independence

The Land of enlightening Vedas

Where none asks what your caste is

And Voice of the Indian secularism

Dethrones almost every vandalism

Executives for their seminal duties

Together fighting-out atrocities

They are not just responsible

But are also held accountable

Social acceptance and tolerance

And Virtues of good governance

Attributes of 'the holders of Chairs'

Administering the country's affairs

Education and Inclusive development

Humanities, arts, sports or Environment

Promoting the Research's prominent role

MP's & MLA's vying for development goal

Media, and the protector, Judiciary

Silencing nuisances and treachery

Penning only the credible stories

Of righteous and heroes glories

Eternal Peace and non-violence

Five virtues of Pancheel's essence

And past revivals and reforms

Are the lessons learned from norms

Here I pen, the Idea of our #FreeIndia

Dream of citizens from every area

When we all stand and work together

Dream justified for our dear Mother

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